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The video format (or a live lecture in a classroom) has been shown to be the best way for most people to learn. Educational videos (educational DVD's) are therefore the best and easiest method of learning a new subject or gathering additional training on a subject you already know a little about. Studies have shown that people learn better when they are BOTH listening to and watching the person who is speaking. It is a great deal easier to concentrate, and harder to get distracted, when both audible and visible methods of communication are being utilized simultaneously. You may have to listen to an audio lecture three times, in order to absorb the information that would have "stuck" the first time if you had watched the speaker while you were listening. This means that you may actually NOT be saving time if you listen to an instructional CD while driving, rather than taking the time to watch a DVD (video with audio) while at home relaxed in front of your TV or computer, possibly even with your family.

The public has been clamoring for factual, honest, in depth information on improving their health for many years. The most important desired features seem to be:

Almost as important, to make certain the information is valid, it should be taught for true educational purposes and not as part of any advertisement for some company's products.

You have just found the single best source of the: easiest to understand, most up to date and constantly updated (with the use of the included PDF printable CD's), video (DVD) instructional/educational information on health ever to be developed. Whether you are looking for information on learning to eat a more healthy diet or how to prepare your own super healthy salad dressing, — OR — what you can do (that your physician was never taught but that is well researched) to help yourself address Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Emotional problems in your children, or numerous other topics, YOU HAVE JUST FOUND IT. Knowledge is power. Learn, enjoy, and watch the health of your family improve.

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David Getoff has been in practice full time since 1992. He is the Vice President of the Price Pottenger Nutrition Foundation in Lemon Grove, California, currently in their 56th year of educating the public on improving their health.

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All information Copyright 2009 David J. Getoff. All rights reserved.
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All information Copyright 2009 David J. Getoff. All rights reserved.